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Keep Fit and Feel Refreshed with WINZARD

Every living organism maintains its life by avoiding discomfort and choosing greater comfort. The pleasure of stimulating the body and mind comfortably and refreshingly -- feeling such pleasure is an important key to maintaining physical and mental health.

WINZARD creates a comfortable, refreshing stimulation that penetrates deep into your body and works extensively on your nerves and muscles with various electrical characteristics.

WINZARD, in which a broad range of technologies are integrated, proposes a new healthy lifestyle tailored to individual differences.

Authorized approval number: 20100BZZ00956


The key of Health & Beauty is to Improve Blood Circulation

  The blood tends to accumulate in the direction of gravity, which is likely to cause “swelling” in the legs. This tendency toward congestion is also inevitable in the shoulders and waists, given the lack of physical activities in our daily lives.
 “Kaikan slim” is a heartbeat-synchronized air massager resulting from many years of our R&D efforts. It facilitates natural blood circulation and promotes recovery from fatigue for the maintenance of “health and beauty”.

The principle of “Kaikan slim” is to improve blood circulation by pumping air in synchronization with the heart rate. It detects the heartbeat using a sensor, and gives an air-massage in accordance with the heart rate. As a result, the blood is sent back to the heart smoothly, without disturbing the body-specific circulatory timing. It works in a natural rhythm with no strain on the heart, thus making you very comfortable and relaxed. After the massage, you will feel refreshed because the used blood is replaced with fresh blood thanks to improved blood circulation. Let’s become fit naturally and effectively using “Kaikan slim”, a refreshment to your body.

Authorized approval number: 20900BZZ00469

 Substitution for a massager
 Recovery from fatigue
 Improvement of blood circulation
 Alleviation of neuralgia and muscle pain
 Reduction of muscular fatigue/stiffness

* The Granz GII, Faraday, Aladdin, and Reflear have been discontinued.



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