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Message from the CEO

Transitivity and Creativity: Our Commitment to the Welfare of Mankind

We at ADVANCE Co., Ltd. aim to contribute to the welfare of mankind by relentlessly asking ourselves how we can be tender to humans. By saying “being tender to humans,” we mean unlimited love to nature as it nurtures and invigorates us humans. We have expressed our love of nature and humankind as part of nature as “tenderness", and introduced a series of products that embody such tenderness through long-term, creative research and development efforts. Our tenderness is thus neither anthropocentrism nor mere humanism; it is a deeper compassion based on the interdependency of humans existing in transitive relationships. Tenderness forms the foundation of our company philosophy, and we deliver it to society in the form of various products that benefit people and society in general.

One example is our AQB implant system, which is as tender to humans as any other implant solution in the world. Dentate animals cannot survive without teeth. In the case of humans, as a species of dentate animals, teeth are relevant to our physical health as well as our power of thinking and concentration or, so to say, our ability to live an engaged life. Teeth are also critical in terms of eating experience and beauty, which often gives us the joy of life. Therefore, we developed and patented technology for an AQB implant system, in which the coating material of the artificial root has superior properties with respect to bonding with human bone.

AQB is able to provide people with health, the ability to live an engaged life and the joy of eating and beauty, and will improve the health and vitality of society as it penetrates into the market.
AQB is a highly biocompatible solution that embodies our philosophy of “being tender to humans.” AQB has obtained widespread support from customers, and today it claims the largest share of the Japanese implant market. We aspire to be the world’s market leader in time.

Our dental business will continue to release innovative products in various categories such as hybrid crowns, tooth movement meters and periodontal pocket measurement devices, with an aim to leading the dental industry.

We do not specialize only in the dental business, but have pioneered the research of intestinal bacteria and commercialization of research findings. Intestinal bacteria have witnessed the evolution of human beings and support the foundation of human life. We have already provided numerous products to society based on our research results in this area, making significant contributions to human health and beauty. We are working to extend our efforts to develop new areas of health science and create new markets.

By the way, have you heard about Mupid? It is our electrophoretic device that has made contributions worldwide to the advancement of DNA analysis technology. We developed a novel DNA analysis method and its practical application. We are proud of this world’s-top brand of electrophoretic device.

Recently, we successfully developed an innovative antibody production method. Antibody-based drugs have become a new trend in pharmaceutical industries around the world. While typical antibody production takes 40 weeks, our patented method takes only one week, improving time efficiency fortyfold. Moreover, our method enables its users to deliver high quality products at low cost.
In our method, the quantity of antigen required for producing antibody is just single digit nmol, which is about one/one-thousandth of the quantity required by conventional methods. This overwhelming efficiency can reduce the workload of customers, which in turn will do enormous good for society. The antibody business is another example of our scalable businesses that are tender to humankind.

I would like to introduce another world-class achievement of our R&D. It is a fluid chip technology based on fluid dynamics. This technology holds promise for being commercially deployed on a wide scale. For example, our immunity chip enables digital analysis of a patient’s immune condition at any general practitioner clinic without the patient having to wait. Once commercialized, the technology will be used everyday by physicians around the world to diagnose patients.

As stated above, our philosophy of “being tender to humans” is expanding across the world through our creative work.

CEO: Hatsue Urakabe