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Company History

1973 ADVANCE Development Laboratory, established by our founder, was incorporated and started as an enterprise under the name of ADVANCE Co., Ltd.
ADVANCE has been continuously offering innovative products to society and the world through leading-edge technologies and creativity, thus contributing to society and humanity.
1975 The first original product, “CYRAX”, an ultracompact cordless low-frequency therapeutic device, made a big hit, selling more than 10 million units.
With the development of research in the fields of electronics, ME technologies, mechanics, and advanced materials, a Research Center was established (later renamed to Medical Techno Laboratory).
1978 The development of the household ionized water generator "Papire" has started, and it will be released as a desktop type product that can be used for health and beauty by dividing tap water into alkaline water and acidic water.
1978 Development of the coffee bean roasting device "Camblem", which is the first in Japan to be miniaturized and can easily roast coffee beans, has started, and then commercial use will be released.
1979 Development of self-adhesive type biological electrode "Lect Load" is started.
It can be used just by pasting it, has less noise, and is used as an electrocardiogram electrode. Furthermore, based on this technology, a "Printy Pad" for low-frequency treatment devices will be developed. Obtained patents in foreign countries including Japan
1979 Development of low-frequency treatment devices "Cylux GL" and "Grants" with built-in computer is started. Depending on the program, it will be released as a low-frequency treatment device that can perform various massages such as rubbing and tapping.
1979 The treatment of skim milk powder was outsourced by the government, and as a result of trial and error, the yogurt making machine was invented and development was started. It will be released as a commercial / household yogurt making machine "floppy" that can automatically make delicious yogurt.
1980 Development of a cigarette filter "Hemin" that removes mutagenic substances contained in cigarette smoke has started, and will be released after that.
1981 Development of an Ion-phorese that administers a drug through the skin by electric force is started. Obtained patents in Japan and other foreign countries.
1981 Established the Medical Science Research Institute (later the Indigenous Bacterial Research Institute) with the aim of pursuing the significance of the existence of intestinal bacteria and contributing to humankind.
1982 Development of the electrophoresis device "Mupid" is started. Since it is a simple type and can easily perform migration experiments, it will be a product used in various research institutes in Japan and overseas.
1983 Drugs that utilize the skin affinity of hydroxyapatite and dialysate can be supplied and removed from the skin.
Development of "biological terminal" is started. Obtained patents in foreign countries including Japan
1983 The development of a halter electrocardiograph that stores electrocardiogram information in an electronic memory using data compression technology was started. Obtained patents in foreign countries including Japan
1983 Started development of a household combined water purifier "Reflare" with an ion water generation function and a water purification function. By providing not only an ion water generation function but also a sterilizing water purification function, tap water can be used safely.
1983 Established Apatite Science Institute (later New Materials Science Institute) for biomaterial research.
1984 “Coccus”, a series of intestinal flora-based healthy foods, was introduced onto the market.
1986 With the advancement of research into drug delivery systems, the DDS R&D Center was established (later renamed to Biocosmetics Laboratory).
1986 Established DDS R & D Center (later Biocosmetics Research Institute) with research and development of drug delivery system.
1986 Development of a cordless, ultra-compact, low-frequency treatment device "Leiden" that can be used by attaching the main body to the skin has started. It will be sold as an epoch-making low frequency treatment device that has never been seen before.
1986 Developed an encryption system based on the KPS method that shares encryption keys. After that, the Fucks "CYFAX" incorporating this KPS encryption system was released.
1987 Development of fluid manipulation such as perforation, processing, measurement, and application of AC electric field by using microchannels for microparticles such as cells and DNA is started.
1987 An ultra-compact adhesive low-frequency treatment device that can be used by attaching it to the skin, which enables various electrical stimulations by incorporating a computer.
1987 Development of "Aladdin" started. It is sold as an ultra-compact device that can perform low-frequency treatment simply by sticking it on the skin while having the function of realizing various stimulation modes.
1988 Started development of "Windsard", an electrical stimulator that uses interference waves for home use. It will be released as a treatment device that can form electrical stimulation deep inside the body.
1988 Started development of a simple blood sampler that collects blood by performing operations such as suction and puncture of the skin.
1989 Started development of blood flow meter "ALF" using semiconductor laser. It will be released as a device that can measure blood flow simply by applying a blood flow meter probe to the surface of the skin.
1989 The Chofugaoka Factory was established to produce intestinal flora-based healthy foods.
1992 Development of a pulse wave detection type electrical stimulator "Venus Pump" that performs electrical stimulation to the abdomen based on the pulse wave signal is started. It realizes electrical stimulation that does not burden the heart and is released as a beauty device.
1993 Established Next Generation ME System Development Office (later Creative Technology and Development Laboratory) (CTD Laboratory) to make new creative proposals in the field of dentistry.
1994 AQB Implant”, a dental implant system using recrystallized apatite (patented), started to be manufactured and distributed.
“Eveflora”, a series of skin flora-based cosmetics, was introduced onto the market.
1995 The Tokorozawa Factory was built to manufacture dental materials.
1995 The development of "Pleasure Slim", a device that detects the diastole of the pulse wave and stimulates the legs with air pressure to promote blood circulation during the diastole period, has started. It will be released with the expectation of an effect.
1998 “Cadim 105”, a dental CAD/CAM system, was introduced onto the market.
2004 The Frontier Science Laboratory was established to research and develop leading-edge technologies in the field of biotechnology.
2006 “Blueberry Oligo”, (Foods for Specified Health Use) approved by the MHLW, was introduced onto the market.
2007 The Advanced Medical Device Institute was established to develop state-of-the-art products in the field of healthcare.
2008 Start sales of the hybrid ceramic dental material "Kaguya Smart Crown" made with CAD / CAM.
2009 To develop antibody medical technology, Advanced Antibody Engineering Laboratory was established.
2010 Started outsourcing contract production service using in-house developed technology RAntIS method.
2010 Moved the Chofugaoka factory to Fuchu, and became the second Fuchu factory.
2010 Tokorozawa Plant acquired ISO 13485: 2003, which is the international quality control standard for manufacturing medical devices, and ISO 9001: 2008, which is the international quality control standard.
2010 Start sales of Dental Imaging Manager "Dima".
2015 Start sales of world first panoramic image informed consent "Panocom".
2017 Start business of Intestinal Flora AD101 Revolution.