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Company History

In 1973 ADVANCE Development Laboratory, established by our founder, was incorporated and started as an enterprise under the name of ADVANCE Co., Ltd.
ADVANCE has been continuously offering innovative products to society and the world through leading-edge technologies and creativity, thus contributing to society and humanity.
In 1975 The first original product, “CYRAX”, an ultracompact cordless low-frequency therapeutic device, made a big hit, selling more than 10 million units.
With the development of research in the fields of electronics, ME technologies, mechanics, and advanced materials, a Research Center was established (later renamed to Medical Techno Laboratory).
In 1981 The Medical Science Institute (later renamed to Microbial Flora Institute) was established in pursuit of the significance of intestinal flora and contribution to humankind.
In 1983 The Apatite Institute (later renamed to New Material Science Laboratory) was established for research into biomaterials.
In 1984 “Coccus”, a series of intestinal flora-based healthy foods, was introduced onto the market.
In 1986 With the advancement of research into drug delivery systems, the DDS R&D Center was established (later renamed to Biocosmetics Laboratory).
In 1989 The Chofugaoka Factory was established to produce intestinal flora-based healthy foods.
In 1993 The next-generation ME Development Center (later renamed to CTD Laboratory) was established to make novel proposals for creative dentistry.
In 1994 “AQB Implant”, a dental implant system using recrystallized apatite (patented), started to be manufactured and distributed.
“Eveflora”, a series of skin flora-based cosmetics, was introduced onto the market.
In 1995 The Tokorozawa Factory was built to manufacture dental materials.
In 1998 “Cadim 105”, a dental CAD/CAM system, was introduced onto the market.
In 2004 The Frontier Science Laboratory was established to research and develop leading-edge technologies in the field of biotechnology.
In 2006 “Blueberry Oligo”, a FOSHU (Foods for Specified Health Use) approved by the MHLW, was introduced onto the market.
In 2007 The Advanced Medical Device Institute was established to develop state-of-the-art products in the field of healthcare.
In 2008 Start sales of the hybrid ceramic dental material "Kaguya Smart Crown" made with CAD / CAM.
In 2009 To develop antibody medical technology, Advanced Antibody Engineering Laboratory was established.
In 2010 Started outsourcing contract production service using in-house developed technology RAntIS method.
In 2010 Moved the Chofugaoka factory to Fuchu, and became the second Fuchu factory.
In 2010 Tokorozawa Plant acquired ISO 13485: 2003, which is the international quality control standard for manufacturing medical devices, and ISO 9001: 2008, which is the international quality control standard.
In 2010 Start sales of Dental Imaging Manager "Dima".
In 2015 Start sales of world first panoramic image informed consent "Panocom".
In 2017 Start business of Intestinal Flora AD101 Revolution.